Eight Arms Cellars Donates $50,000 in First Eight Years

Eight Arms Cellars is committed to sustainable practices and a portion of the sale from each bottle is donated to help combat global warming. The World Bank estimates that 20 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by deforestation. In the United States, more than two million acres of forests, farmland and natural landscapes are lost each year to development. Eight Arms Cellars is donating the money raised through our Go Green Drink Red/White program to aid in carbon sequestration though programs that preserve, renew and protect our forests and oceans. In its first eight years, Eight Arms Cellars has donated over $50,000 in a combination of cash and wine donations. and, as the winery grows, so will the amount donated.

Octopuses Are Important to Us

It would be hard to imagine Eight Arms Cellars, without its iconic octopus image. And, it would be hard to imagine a world without coral reefs for them to live in. In an effort to help our eight-armed friends, we recently adopted an octopus via Oceana and a coral reef through SaveNature.org. It’s the little things we do as individuals that add up to make our world a better place.

Eight Arms Cellars Carbon Footprint Reduction Pledge

As Eight Arms Cellars does not have its own winery, but rents space in another facility, we do not have control over the carbon footprint of our premises. However, we pledge to do the utmost to reduce our carbon footprint and be as environmentally friendly as possible. As part of this philosophy we have implemented the following practices:

  1. BulletPurchase credits through Native Energy to offset our carbon emissions.

  2. BulletPurchase grapes from vineyards that are either organically or sustainably farmed.

  3. BulletSupport local merchants.

  4. BulletUse natural cork instead of synthetic stoppers because it is a sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable resource. To learn how corks are being recycled and reused, click here to visit ReCork America’s website.

  5. BulletUse Verallia's earth-friendly ECO Series bottles manufactured in California. These lighter weight bottles have a 21% reduction of CO2 emissions during manufacturing compared to a "classic" wine bottle; use a higher percentage of recycled glass and have reduce the carbon footprint of the packaging by 25%.

  6. BulletOur printer, Paragon Label is one of the few in the industry that has worked out how to recycle all of the leftover paper after our labels have been printed.

  7. BulletReuse, reduce and recycle whenever possible.

Organizations Benefiting From Our
Go Green Drink Red and Go Green Drink White Program

Eight Arms Cellars actively donates to many local organizations from Grid ALternatives to Save The Bay to the Borneo Project, a majority of our donations are split between the following three organizations:

The Conservation Fund’s Go Zero Program: This program helps offset carbon dioxide emissions by planting trees. The Conservation Fund plants approximately 300 trees per acre, which will sequester approximately 400 tons of carbon dioxide over 100 years. Since 2000, the Conservation Fund has restored 20,000 acres of forest with six million trees. These trees will capture an estimated 8 million tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere over their lifetime.

The Pacific Forest Trust: Since 1993, the Pacific Forest Trust has been working to preserve, enhance and restore America’s private forests through education, innovation and collaboration. Conservation and good forest management can help reduce the threat of global warming and start to restore balance to the global carbon cycle. The forests of the U.S. Pacific Northwest, especially coastal redwoods and Douglas-firs, have the most capacity for increased carbon sequestration of any in the world. With good stewardship, forests will continue to provide not only carbon sequestration, but wood products and many other benefits, such as fish and wildlife habitat, biodiversity, clean water and recreation opportunities.

Oceana: Founded in 2001, Oceana is an international organization focused solely on oceans. Their teams of marine scientists, economists, lawyers and advocates win specific and concrete policy changes to reduce pollution and to prevent the irreversible collapse of fish populations, marine mammals and other sea life. Oceans absorb much of the carbon dioxide we release and are on the front lines when it comes to climate change. Oceana is working to prevent climate change by addressing a major source of greenhouse gasses that contribute to climate change — air pollution from the shipping industry.

What Can You Do?

Purchase Eight Arms wine, and know that a portion of what you pay is being donated to combat global warming. Global warming has become the most pressing environmental issue of this century. The average American is responsible for emitting approximately 20 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year. There are many ways you can combat global warming. The easiest is to reduce your carbon footprint. Click here to find out 15 ways to go about it.


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