Why The Octopus? As a one person operation, I sometimes wish I had more arms to get all the work done — like say eight of them. I invite you to try a glass of Eight Arms wine. However, watch out. An octopus may reach out from the murky depths, grab hold of you, and drag you back for more!

Eight Arms is committed to sustainable practices. Through our Go Green Drink Red and Go Green Drink White program, a portion of the sale from each bottle is donated to help combat global warming. In the first eight years, Eight Arms has donated over $50,000. Click here to learn more.

Eight Arms Wine is handcrafted, lovingly tended, and produced from vineyards that allow grapes to embody all of their wonderful characteristics. We love wines that evolve in the glass, just as an early evening with acquaintances turns into a late night with friends. Making great wine requires the skill of an artisan, a craftsman, an alchemist and a technician. If you are interested in wine that is different from vintage to vintage, vineyard to vineyard, and that will surprise you and induce you to contemplate the mysteries of life, then we invite you to stay awhile, explore our website, and Drink the ink! If you would like to stay informed about Eight Arms, please join our email list. Click here to read an interview with winemaker, Iain Boltin.

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